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Control 1- pellet

PROBLEM: Hoof health and lameness

Studied and specifically formulated to improve the microcirculation of the foot complex system. A blend of vitamins, amino acids and micro and macro-elements designed to minimize the issues related to histamine rise (inflammatory or metabolic/rumen origin) and to solve lameness.

SUGGESTED PERIOD AND FEEDING RATE: Whenever reduced locomotion, during heat stress period – Repeated cycles of 250 g/head/day (2 weeks period)+ 0 g (1 week)+ 250 g/head/day (2 weeks period)

  • Improved hoof heath by guarantying the soft tissues stability and the consequent keratin stratification
  • Reduced lameness
  • Continuation of the main behavioural activities
  • Increased DM intake
  • Increased showing of heat signs
  • Increased fertility