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Promoter mini-pellet

PROBLEM: Any events that might bring to stress, such as feeding
changes, environmental stress, heat stress and transition period.

Formulated to stimulate the growth of rumen and intestinal bacteria by increasing the count of cellulolytic bacteria and those which utilise lactate.
Ensure the slow release of nutrients by a unique and patented processing method.

SUGGESTED PERIOD AND FEEDING RATE: Transition period-Repeated cycles of Promoter 200g (10 days) + 100g (10 days) + 0g (10 days) g/head/day


  • Perfectly homogenisable in the Total Mix Ration
  • Ensure the appropriate quantity of product/head
  • Stabilized rumen environment
  • Increased DM intake
  • Increased feed efficiency and digestibility
  • Reduced risks of rumen acidosis and associated metabolic disorders
  • Improved milk yield, fat and protein content
  • Reduced post-partum diseases