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Speed 45-pellet

Formulated to optimize rumen function to maximise dry matter intake and the efficiency of its use.
Contains DAIRY LINE REGULATOR that helps to maintain rumen pH over a longer period, stimulating the bacteria responsible for both fiber digestion and acid removal.


Promoter mini-pellet

Formulated to stimulate the growth of rumen and intestinal bacteria by increasing the count of cellulolytic bacteria and those which utilise lactate.
Ensure the slow release of nutrients by a unique and patented processing method.


Control 1- pellet

Studied and specifically formulated to improve the microcirculation of the foot complex system. A blend of vitamins, amino acids and micro and macro-elements designed to minimize the issues related to histamine rise (inflammatory or metabolic/rumen origin) and to solve lameness.


Control 2-pellet

A complex blend of vitamins and trace elements specifically formulated to meet animal requirements to restore the complex liver activities.
Since the liver is one of the most crucial organs in dairy ruminants, the product is designed to support liver function by mitigating the adverse events that might negatively influence its functionality.


Control 15 pellet

Formulated to minimise the Somatic Cells Count which affects milk quality and the profitability of the milk production.
Enhance immunity against disease by increasing resistance to infections and decreasing the severity of the issue.


VIT 5000-pellet

Studied and specifically formulated for dry cows (60 days) and heifers (latest 90 days) to restore the functionality of liver and udder and to maintain a high rumen papillae functionality.
Formulated to provide animals with the optimum intake of vitamins, micro-nutrients and essential amino acids to reduce the post-partum diseases such as placenta retention, hypocalcaemia, rumen ketosis.


VIT 2500 -pellet

Studied and specifically formulated for the entire life of dairy cows, from calf to lactating cows, to provide optimum intake of vitamins and micro-nutrients.
Designed to meet the higher needs of modern high lactating cows to minimize any post-partum metabolic disorders that might occur.